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Easy Ways to Bring Your Walls to Life

With house prices around the country hitting record highs, many tenants are facing the dilemma of how to decorate and design while staying within the constraints of their tenancy agreement. With so many insta-worthy ideas flowing through our news feeds on a daily basis, what is a poor tenant to do without violating their lease? Fear not! there are many ways that you can jazz up your standard white walls that are entirely changeable with your mood and the season, without breaking the bank or raising the ire of your landlord.

Rose Wall DecalBig, bold prints are always a go-to for a show stopping centrepiece and these can be easily bought online. For an affordable and lightweight option, removable wall decals are readily available in a wide range of prints, patterns and images. Look for something that suits the theme of your room or go for something trendy to match your mood. Our range of wall stickers stick to most wall surfaces easily and won't leave any permanent damage. The size of your decal depends on the size of your wall and the desired impact. For a personal touch, custom printing a photograph you have taken yourself will give you a completely unique centrepiece for your room.If you're thinking about jazzing up the kid's room, be sure to check out our nursery decals!

With the rise of ‘shelfies’ online, many people are looking to the humble shelf as a way to add some extra decoration to their rooms. Popular designs utilise a simple floating shelf, quite often in neutral colours to adorn with a variety of small homewares. Not only is this an easy way to create a style that looks effortlessly chic, it gives you a place to store all the little knick knacks and mementoes that you collect day to day. Nostalgic books, candles and photo frames are common items found in this style and can be picked up cheaply from retailers such as Kmart. Indoor greenery and succulents (for the novice green thumb and hardy enough to withstand the most infamous plant killers) can be planted in colourful pots to bring an on-trend and inexpensive pop of greenery to your room. For inspiration check out #shelfie and #shelfiesunday to scope out how some seriously drool-worthy designers have worked their shelfie magic.

To bring some light to your space, hanging mirrors can help bounce the natural light from windows and doors around the whole room. Play with different frames and styles of mirror to see what suits the shape and style of your room, with ornate brass frames and minimalist sleek panels both bringing a touch of class. For a more creative use of mirrors, arrange a variety of small mirrors in a pattern around the walls. Combining different styles, sizes and frames will create an eclectic and ‘thrown together’ vibe and can easily be picked up from your local second-hand shops.

  • Apr 10, 2017
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