Gender Neutral Nursery Colour Schemes

As your family prepares to welcome a new person in the world, it's always a surprise if you don’t know the gender of the baby. However, this brings another headache, when you are trying to prepare for the baby, since you don’t know the colours to include in the nursery.

The good news is that you can work with neutral colour schemes, to give this room a special effect, which will last as your bundle of joy grows and matures. In addition, a gender-neutral colour scheme can be a calm and positive environment, for your newest family member. It is also an enjoyable environment. Here are several ideas that you can creatively explore and implement. 

Colour Favourites 

As you start working with colours, choose a colour that you love or a favourite of your partner’s. They can be your favourite sports team colours, or even a combination of your favourite colours or colours that you love combining. If you come up with colours that you love, you will spread positive energy in your child’s room. 

Monochromatic Colour Schemes

Is there a certain colour that you love most? If that is the case, then you can work with it, and come up with an amazing scheme for the room. Just apply a monochromatic colour scheme, and let the design settle. You can then come back later to apply some matching. Monochromatic colours refer to tones, shades or tints of a single colour. For example, if you choose purple, you just need to add small quantities of white, to obtain a shade. You can then add black to your base colour, to ensure all the colours in the room maintain the same colour scheme. 


Neutral Nursery ColorsMost people will tell you that brown, beige, tan or grey colours are boring, and they should not be included in a room. Some people swear by cream or a shade of yellow, as the most appropriate colour a room. However, it is all about experimentation. The truth is, soft hues, when properly applied, can create one of the most calming environments, for your little one. Storm grey, khaki, sand shades and grass shades, are gender-neutral colours, which are highly relaxing. With such colours, you can create a relaxing oasis for your baby and you. 

Complementary Colours

People have different tastes especially when it comes to colours. It is quite hard to come across a couple with similar colour tastes. However, that brings another interesting design angle. You created this bundle of joy, as you brought together two families. You can use that aspect to work with complementary colours. 

Using a complementary colour scheme, you can easily convey a symbolic or metaphoric relationship in the baby’s nursery. In fact, your bundle of joy will find the environment very relaxing, whether it is boy or girl. Colours such as orange, blue, purple, red, green or yellow, are gender neutral. You just need to obtain a colour wheel from the art store or paint store, spin it, and you will definitely obtain a gender-neutral combination, which brightens your little one’s room. 

Tricolour Palettes

Tricolor Nursery RoomsIf you feel like monochromatic or complementary colours are not your thing, then you can work with tricolour palettes. As your add more colours, your nursery becomes more gender-inclusive. There are numerous paint selling or colour matching stores online, which allow you to play around with colour schemes, by simply dragging and dropping together the colours that you love, and then checking how they appear together. This way, you can easily try them out, before making a buying decision. 

Whichever shade you chose to work with, it is advisable to avoid a themed nursery using a wallpaper border or a cartoon character. Most children outgrow such designs quite fast. Instead, use a design that incorporates timeless style in the nursery room. Stick with subtle looks. If you choose a mural, go for a design that incorporates nature, such as a tree painted in white, laid on a neutral wall. Such a look will always be timeless for any child, even as he or she grows into grade school. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to designing your baby’s room, get creative and colourful, with a wide range of gender-neutral colour schemes. As you can see, the options are endless, and you can work with any combination that you and your partner love. You don’t have to follow what everyone else is saying, just choose something that your family will enjoy. 

  • Apr 20, 2017
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