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How to Choose Wallpaper

Texture, color, style, design, and price range are the important things to consider when you are ready to wallpaper any part of your home. This is a big task, so it is vital to go through the assessment process before starting to decorate. Begin by imagining the sensation you hope to create in the room, or rooms, that you are prepared to transform. Every style and design brings specific ambiances and has different grades of durability.

Wallpapers vary drastically in the amount of wear and tear that they can handle. Carefully choose the style in correlation to the kind of action/traffic that occurs in the room that is ready to be wallpapered. If you have children or pets, consider the styles with higher durability rates. If the room is more formal, the delicate and textured styles are the right choice for you. The uniqueness of every person is beautiful and inspiring. Your personal living space is the way to bring this inspirational beauty to everyday life. Boldy declare who you are with the wallpaper that best suits your lifestyle, the character of your home and the vision that moves the depths of your soul.

Wood Chip Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, WOOD CHIP WALLPAPER

A cost-effective, and lower quality, choice for covering your walls is Wood Chip wallpaper. The price range is about $35 USD for each roll. Also known as ingrain wallpaper, this style found its popularity in the 1970’s. This style of wall covering is very textured and bumpy. This can be a fun, creative way of livening up a room, however, the main precaution with this style is if it peals. By placing this style in a room where little hands or claws may pick at it, unwanted holes may form which could potentially develop a chain reaction on tears.

With this in mind, hanging this wallpaper style in small sections of a room or on one wall may be the better option to consider. Wood chip wallpaper is available in multiple grades, with the thickest providing the best coverage and it is much easier to hang. This wallpaper style only comes in white and is specifically created to be covered with emulsion.

Anaglypta Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, ANAGLYPTA WALLPAPER

Designed with a variety of beautifully embossed patterns, the Anaglypta wallpaper is av ibrant way of texturizing your space. The average price per roll averages from $20-$60USD. With such a large selection of available patterns, it is certain you will find the perfect match that vibes well with your home. This wallpaper style is originally designed to be painted with emulsion, however, there are styles that come pre-colored.

A precaution to be aware of when hanging Anaglypta wallpaper is that they do tend to stretch. So, be especially attentive to the amount of tension applied while hanging this wallpaper. The thickness of the Anaglypta wallpaper makes it the perfect cover for dark marks, paint or other imperfections on your wall. This is a fantastic choice for playrooms, living rooms, dens, and hallways. If you want texture, this is the wallpaper for you!

Supaglypta Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, SUPAGLYPTA WALLPAPER

This wallpaper style is a super version of the Anaglypta wallpaper. Superglypta wallpaper contains cotton fibers are interlaced in the process of manufacturing in order to produce the embossed effect. The patterns for this wallpaper style are slightly more raised and a bit more complex than that of the Anaglypta wallpaper.

The tough durability of the Superglypta wallpaper gives you trustworthy reliability when decorating your home. This style is sturdy enough to endure the wear and tear of high-traffic areas. Similar to the Anaglypta, Superglypta wallpaper works well in hallways, playrooms, dens and other areas that are used most in your home. The cost for Supaglypta wallpaper runs between $40-$50USD. This is a fun choice for adding a little extra pizazz to your special living space.

Flock Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, FLOCK WALLPAPER

This more luxurious, old-fashioned feeling wallpaper brings a sense of elegance and class to your home. Manufactured with a velvety texture, Flock wallpaper is a more expensive option and is especially difficult for hands to resist touching the smooth patterns. This may cause unwanted marks, so be cautious as to where you place this style of wallpaper. Highly recommended areas for hanging Flock wallpaper are the dining room, special breakfast or tea rooms, an accent wall in an adult bedroom, the office or study, or adding a little extra flair to your entryway.

Applying Flock wallpaper is a very tricky process. Take precaution with the amount of paste applied in order to avoid marking and ruining the texture of the velvet pattern. The range of cost for Flock wallpaper is as varied as $60-$400 USD. This is a wallpaper style that is certain to bring class and sophisticated style to any part of your precious home.

Foil Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, FOIL WALLPAPER

The metallic reflective patterns in Foil wallpaper adds a vibrant attractive style to any area in your home. This is, often, a ‘paste to the wall’ type of paper, making the hanging process easy. However, the reflective coating on this wallpaper style is delicate and will be ruined if wallpaper paste finds its way onto the front of the foil. Another precaution when hanging Foil wallpaper is to be completely sure that the paste is applied evenly and the wall itself is free of any size of bumps.

Foil wallpaper extenuates lumps and creases, so double check that your workspace is clear and ready for smooth application of the Foil wallpaper. Lining paper is highly recommended if your walls are questionable in smoothness. Also, keep in mind that this style of wallpaper does tend to come in darker colors, so areas in your home that you want to be brighter should be avoided. The cost range for Foil wallpaper is $50-$250USD. Areas of your home that may benefit from this wallpaper style are the dining room, accenting the kitchen, an elaboration in the study or fantastic flare for the bedroom.

For exciting textures, patterns and color Foil wallpaper is a brilliant choice for your lovely home.

Printed Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, PRINTED WALLPAPER

With such a wide range of style, pattern, quality, and color the Printed wallpaper brings simplicity to your home decorating process. Machine-printed and hand-printed are the two main genres of printed wallpaper, with the hand-printed being on the more expensive side. The price range varies drastically due to the two specific styles. Each roll may cost anywhere from $6-$350 USD. This wallpaper style is typically printed with water-based materials, therefore places in your home with high condensation or steam should not have this style of wallpaper. Printed wallpaper is made much thinner than most wallpaper styles, so take extra care in the application process to avoid tearing and bumps.

The beautiful, and sometimes complex, designs of this wallpaper line up very specifically to one another. This is a very imperative detail to stay attentive to when applying Printed wallpaper. Patience for preciseness will pay off in the grand scheme of things. Printed wallpaper is a good general go-to for any room in your home. Kids will love the patterns and adults will be inspired by the creative, intricate designs. For an easy choice that holds a wide variety, printed wallpaper is the simplest choice for you.

Vinyl Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, VINYL WALLPAPER

Vinyl wallpaper is a very durable and tough material making it the ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or any area of your home that contains a lot of steam or condensation. There are many thicknesses available in this wallpaper style which is an important aspect to take into consideration when choosing the proper wall-cover type for each room in your home. Vinyl wallpaper is manufactured with a thin printed layer of vinyl attached to a base paper.

Vinyl wallpaper is washable, bringing you peace of mind when covering walls around high-traffic areas of your home. With the reliable durability that this wallpaper contains, there is no wrong choice of placement in your home for this wallpaper style. The average cost of Vinyl wallpaper is $15-$150 USD. Be stress-free and rely on Vinyl wallpaper for the artistic expression in your home.

Blown Vinyl Wallpaper

How to choose your wallpaper, BLOWN VINYL WALLPAPER

The similarities of this wallpaper style to Anaglypta wallpaper lie in the raised texture of the intricate patterns. Blown Vinyl wallpaper has color in the embossed designs, unlike that of the Anaglypta wallpaper designs. Blown Vinyl wallpaper is not meant to be painted over, as the artistic ambiance is already pre-knitted into the material. The application process, as well as the precautions, follows the same steps as the original Vinyl wallpaper. The strength of this wallpaper makes it trustworthy in any living space. However, in having a unique texture, it is more prone to the desire to touch it than that of the regular Vinyl wallpaper.

Be sure it’s placement is not the cause of extra concern to your daily life. The average range of prices for Blown Vinyl wallpaper is $15-$50 USD. The innovative designs and magnificent displays of the Blown Vinyl wallpaper breathe life into any home it graces.

Washable Wallpaper

This unique type of wallpaper is the most desirable choice for the spaces in your home that accumulate the most grease, steam, or the artistic masterpieces of little ones in your home. Kitchens, playrooms, and bathrooms are great options for applying Washable wallpaper. There are some other styles of wallpaper that can be washed, however, Washable wallpaper is particularly designed to withstand multiple washes.

Made with water-resistant ink and covered with a thin, transparent layer of plastic Washable wallpaper is sure to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with everyday life. Washable wallpaper is found within
the price range of $17-$130 USD. If it is peace of mind and reliable artistic expression you desire in your home, then Washable wallpaper is an impeccable choice for you.

Wallpaper Hanging

The very first steps to applying wallpaper to your walls are clearing the room of furniture, removing old wallpaper, filling in and fixing any holes or blemishes on the wall, and then completely whipping down and cleaning every part of the walls that you are about to apply wallpaper to. This can be a very messy process, so if there is furniture that is immovable from the room it would be best to place it in the center of the room and cover it with a plastic tarp or thick, old bed sheets or blankets. Once everything is cleared and cleaned treat your walls with a fungicidal wash. It is possible that you may need to cover your walls with a sealant called ‘size’. This is for especially new plaster or very absorbent wall material and prevents the wall from soaking up too much of the wallpaper paste.

How to choose your wallpaper

Simply mix the substance with water and apply it with a paintbrush or roller. The next step in the process of applying wallpaper is to start with the lining. Lining paper covers dark areas and imperfections on your wall so that they won’t be seen through the wallpaper you apply. There are a variety of grades available for lining paper. The thicker the lining paper is the easier it is to hang, the more blemishes it covers, and the less likely it is to tear. Hang the lining paper horizontally so that it will be perpendicular to your final wallpaper. It is imperative that the edges of the lining paper and wallpaper do not run parallel to one another.

Take special care in measuring and smoothing to abstain from mishaps in the application process. Polystyrene is a manageable alternative to lining paper. This material helps the room to feel warmer and reduces condensation making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms in the basement or near high-risk areas for condensation. However, avoid applying this material to walls of high-traffic areas in your home.

Your home is a canvas and you are the artist! Let the vibrant creativity, that you hold within, be clearly demonstrated throughout each room of your cozy domicile. Every home has its very own character, and the way you decorate each space emphasizes that specific character. Choosing, not only the right pattern but also the best fitting style of material, texture, and color is essential to drawing out the life you hope to portray to the ones sharing your home space. In reflection, if you are hoping to focus on texture look at wallpaper options from the styles Wood Chip, Anaglypta, Supaglypta, and Flock. When you would like to add vibrant colors and patterns seek out the Foil and Printed wallpapers. For
the most secure, and colorfully inspirational, choose a wallpaper under the categories of Vinyl, Blown Vinyl, and Washable for long-lasting artistic expression that will inspire you and your loved ones for years to come.


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