Inspirational Interior Design Instagrams to Follow

As social media progresses to become a major advocate for design communications, it is actually becoming harder and harder to determine a genuinely passionate insta-grammer that is seeking more than just followers. Incorporated in this list are studios, companies, practices, individuals of the design field and individuals who are just passionate in providing an inspirational feed to share with the Instagram community.


ONE DESIGNER AND HIS STUDIO TEAM | @studiodavidthulstrup

Studio David Thulstup is an architecture, interior and design practice based in Copenhagen Denmark. Their feed projects their residential, retail, and installation work as well as day-to-day inspirations and design processes in the form of photographs and mood boards. @studiodavidthulstrup provides a rich and aesthetically pleasing feed that inspires spatial exploration, interior/exterior colour palettes, textures, and forms.
The studio describes their team’s style as the combination of “…design and art – solutions and aesthetics [that] harmoniously meet in order to strengthen and intensify spatial experience, corporate identity and brand awareness.”

Studio David Thulstrup



Resene is a paint manufacturing company based in Australia and New Zealand. The company also provides a variety of interior decorations in pursuance of their vision to being recognized as ethical and sustainable innovators in paint and colour technology. In actuality their instagram feed is dramatically more than just paint products and wall decorations, but more so a projection of creative inspiration in the form of photographs. Bright and subtle colour palettes, delicate, smooth or textured, and countless varieties of colour use is exemplified in interiors through beautifully photographed spaces and concepts. This is for those who have a love and appreciation of colours, or maybe just in dire need of inspiration for plateaued projects. You can follow them on instragram at @resenecolour.

Resene Colour Instagram



@prostoria is a design brand based in Croatia, and their vision is to create upholstered furniture to enrich one’s interior experiences. Their Instagram feed shouts modern minimalism and sophisticated interior settings that range in variety from residential to retail and workplace. There is also a subtle presence of bright coloured furniture’s within neutral interior palettes, complimenting not only their furniture design but also its compatibility with the interior architecture and design. @prostoria is one of the many design feeds that are overlooked while users begin their aesthetic hunt with major international brands and celebrity instgrammers such as Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kelly Weastler. Their feed does not merely brag of their projects and design processes, but also a creative projection of interiors, furniture, and colours for endless inspiration and motivation.

Prostoria Instagram



Yellowtrace is well known as an influential online design publication with the Instagram feed curated by the founder of the company, Dana Tomic Hughes. Just as the profile suggests, this feed is to satiate the curious minds of all those passionate to the world of design. It provides constant updates of design inspiration amongst architecture, interior design, furniture design, art, and photography. @yellowtrace exposes their followers to interiors, exteriors, residential, retail, commercial, even exhibitions and lectures. This feed is perfect for those looking for inspirational direction upon all design and artistic professions, for those with an appetite for the aesthetically pleasing, and anyone who wishes to keep up to date with the creative world. The final touch is their thrifty descriptions of more than one moderate sentence, but less than those inadequate essays so common throughout Instagram.




Femke Dekker is an interior designer and stylist with preferential posting of soft colour palettes. Femke’s feed highlights simplicity in the portrayal of her design characteristics. It is consistent with bright and clear, perfectly cropped images providing the most prominent aspects of the depicted style. She provides her own work, studio work, her home, and design inspirations, varying from houses, practices, restaurants, hotels and businesses. Each tailor made design depicted on @femkeido proves her vision of balanced interiors with rich or subtle colour application.

Femkeido Instagram



Erin is an interior stylist and DIY-er. Her Instagram feed has beautiful images of bright neutral colour palettes, preferential styles of whites and off whites combined with soft timbers and natural greens. She expresses a very nonchalant residential chic with the warmth of a home, and her photographs are unfailingly brightened with a sharp eye for projecting the essence of a space. is perfect for followers who are in search for a designer that has the down to earth and everyday feel, with an interest in the more realistic and affordable but modern DIY looks.

Textured Living Interiors


INSPIRED BLOGGER | @around_houses

Fiona Cameron is an interiors blogger with the perfect go to feed for a ‘Victorian meets the 21st century’ vibe. These are the kind of residential styling that is representational of a more conceivable design choice for your own home. A lovely aspect of @around_houses feed is the inclusion of its followers in #MYHOMEVIBE as the weekly inspirational display beyond Fiona’s own works and home style.

Around Houses Instagram



Interior milk has become a very popular design inspo’ page with almost 450k followers. A favourite aspect of the @interiormilk page is the diversity of residential interior styles, each with a different characteristic just as inspirational as the last. There is a strong presence of subtle to bright colour choices within light neutrals, whites and soft timber interiors. Her range of examples consist of modern lofts to cosily decorated kitchens, exposed brick bedrooms and brightly decorated walls, as well as beautifully framed attic rooms and bold coloured furnitures.

Interior Milk Instagram

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