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New Home Decor Trends You Need in 2017

Say goodbye to oversized furniture, antiques and brass, 2017 signifies a year full of marble, bright colours and coarse wood! There were so many trends in 2016 that just aren't going to make the cut in 2017.

Throw out all your oversized furniture as space is going to be valued a lot more in 2017. Using oversized furniture will not only limit the space which is available to you but it will also create the illusion that you have a much more cramped and closed in space.

Another big no-no in 2017 is too much brass. Brass was very big in 2016 as it created a rustic look although, according to ‘My Domaine’ brass might come off tacky in your home if overdone which is certainly not something that you want in 2017.

Matte Appliances

Matte Appliances

A great 2017 trend you could use to make your home appear more modern are matte appliances, especially in the kitchen. Matte appliances will spice up your kitchen as they are a completely different finish to the glossy finishes we're used to up until now. Matte appliances will give your home a modern, edgy and fascinating look.

Smart Home Furnishings

Another great 2017 trend is smart home furnishings. Having these furnishings will not only make your life a hundred times easier, it will also greatly help making your house appear incredibly modern. Some examples of smart furnishings are tables with built-in charging docks or voice-activated assistants.

We all know that voice-activated assistants have been raved on about on social media and the massive convenience they are, so why not invest in one? One of the most popular voice-activated assistants is Amazon’s Alexa which is voice activated and responds to ‘alexa’ or ‘ok google.’ Ask it to play a song, turn down the lights, give you the weather forecast and so much more!


Earthy tones such as mauve, terracotta, cinnamon and olive green are making a big comeback in 2017. Their subtle tones are much desired in 2017 as they add a great touch to any room! They're also incredibly versatile, allowing you to either go bold or stay subtle, achieving the very popular ‘minimalist’ look.

Furniture color

Green is also said to be incredibly popular in 2017. By placing green in your house, you will no doubt be turning heads. Whether this is a subtle green such as small green furnishings or bold such as painting all your walls green, you will be right on trend!

A Grand Entrance

Hello Wall DecalAnother way you could bring your house up to date with the latest 2017 trends is by going all out on your entryway! The entry to your house is the first and last thing that a guest will see so it's important to make a good impression. Something as simple as adding nice artwork or a grand mirror to your entrance could change the whole vibe of your house. We'd obviously recommend some classy wall decals like those in our modern wall decals range. Wall decals are a great option for renters as they don't damage your paint while allowing you to add some colour to your entrance. Match some of our decals with some green furnishings and you'll be stomping into 2017 right on trend!

2017 will be a great year for interior design and you can get on top of all the trends early if you follow the few tips we have given you! Got some predictions of your own? We'd love to hear them!

  • Apr 03, 2017
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