Simple Decorating Tips That Add Style To Your Space

When it comes to styling a house, it’s amazing how simple it can be to turn your house from something ordinary into a warm, inviting and equally stylish space.

Storage and Bins

The first rule is remove clutter from eyesight, to create the illusion of space. In today’s market most houses are smaller than what we are traditionally used to, so if you are sacrificing space for style, clean lines are key. Storing things like children’s toys in metallic wire baskets is a great way to save space as well as give your home a modern look. Earthy tones and textures are also on trend at the moment so look for wicker boxes or baskets to place things like books, magazines or remote controllers in rather than leaving them lying on counter or table tops.

Vases and Trays

Room Decorating tipsFruit baskets are a thing of the past, so ditch the fruit baskets and instead highlight your dining table with a metallic tray in the centre and a medium sized vase which can be filled with real or fake flowers depending on your preference. If you have a square or rectangle table chose a vase that is square or rectangle. If your table is round, look for a more curved style of vase, avoiding fishbowl style as you want to draw the attention up and away from the table and fishbowl vases are too low to accomplish that.

Wall Decor

This year has seen the trend of wooden hanging wall decor, mirrors and bookshelf's etc, the rule is opposite to the previous one if you have a number of curved lines in your house then choose rectangular wall decor and if you have a lot of square or rectangular lines chose circular wall hangings for you rooms.

Colour Schemes

The next thing to focus on is colour schemes; the idea is to create a colour scheme that lifts the room without over matching or in some cases over miss-matching items. The rule is if you have dark floors, i.e. polished hardwoods floors, choose a wall colour and accessories that will not only make your room look brighter but also give the illusion that the space in larger than it is. So why not look at a cream or light grey wall colour with a mustard rug and mustard pillows to bring brightness and warmth to the room. If you have a light coloured carpeted room you could look at the stone style wallpaper with black leather recliner to give that air of elegance and entertainment.

Wall Decals and Stickers

Wall decals are an easy way to bring some life to the kid's bedrooms. Avoid character wall decals if possible as they can very quickly date a room which is not what you want. So instead look for things like polka dots and other pattern stickers, woodland creatures, butterflies or trees to stick onto pale or pastel coloured walls, to once again create the impression of space, while creating an age appropriate paradise for your little one.

For the grown up bedrooms there is only one rule - there are no rules, don't be afraid to experiment with colours, shapes, and decor, this is the room to choose a strong wallpaper or colour to make a statement, because at the end of the day it's your room so make it your own.


As for as bathroom, choose bright coloured accents like aqua or turquoise towels and rugs, choose a fresh scented diffuser and finished with wood texture accessories like bins and toilet brush holders. At the end of the day styling your house does not need to cost and arm and a leg, a few minor adjustments can completely transform your home.

Happy Styling!

  • Apr 11, 2017
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