Requirements and essential tips for your wall mural installation

The installation of your customised wall art is a cinch, and can easily be performed without the use of professionals. That's why we love this DIY product! If, however, you feel that you need a professional to install it, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll put you in touch with someone in your area. Alternatively, just search your local directories for "wallpaper installers" and you'll find what you're looking for!

Important note: When you receive the package, lay the panels flat on the ground for 12-24 hours. This is not absolutely necessary, but will help in flattening the adhesive, making it easier to install!

Good tip number 1: Get a friend to help you. You'll need someone to hold the bottom of the panels while you line them up.

Good tip number 2: Lay the panels out on the ground, in order from left to right, before you start. It will make it easier as you're going along. (ps. the panels are numbered in order to help you!).

Good tip number 3: Be patient and smile! You're just a few minutes away from changing the look of your home or business with your new feature wall. If you misalign a panel, simply peel it off and start again. The beauty of our product is that it's so versatile.

Here's what you'll need:

Stanley Knife

Tape measure

Step ladder (for high walls)

Masking tape

Metal ruler (or piece of metal with straight edge)

Wallpaper smoother, or squeegee

What you won't need: Glue, water, wallpaper trays, expensive tools!                 

Step By Step Installation

(video coming soon... or youtube search 'wall mural installation')

Measure Your Wall

Step 1: Measure Up Your Wall

Only measure the area required for your wall image (do not include skirting boards or architraves). Don't worry about the wall not being square; we make allowances for that we prepare the wall art.  Once you have your measurements in millimetres, then place order through our website.

Clean your wall before sticking wall mural

Step 2: Prepare Your Wall

Our great product is great for surfaces such as ply, glass, steel & aluminium and normal household surfaces. But it's not great for unpainted wood, brick or similar areas. Start with a smooth, clean dry wall. Make sure any holes or cracks have been patched and remove any pictures or obstacles on the wall. The ideal surface is a flat latex paint. It is best to have two people install.

layout your wall mural

Step 3: Make Sure Pieces Fit Together

Lay mural strips on ground to make sure all pieces fit together.

Please note that a 2cm overlap will be on all individual panels. You can easily trim back edges after installation with a Stanley Knife and metal ruler.

Place your wall mural on wall

Step 4: Place Mural on Wall

Starting from the top left, carefully align the first panel with the top left corner. Tape the panel down approximately half way both sides.

Peel off the wall mural backing

Step 5: Peel Sticker Back

From top of panel, peel sticker back until masking tape. Trim the backing paper off at masking tape level.

From centre of panel, slowly use wallpaper smoother to apply the top section of panel. Left to right at approximately 45° angles.

Once you have the top section applied, pull the backing off for the bottom section and continue to apply the sticker to the bottom half.

Place second panel on wall

Step 6: Place Second Panel Up

Place your second panel up and repeat process above.

Please note a 2cm overlap on all panels. If you get any bubbles, generally they are easily smoothed out. If not, you can peel back the adhesive and reapply easily. Because the 3M is so versatile, you won't damage it.

Trim the excess from wall mural

Step 7: Trim Back Excess Overlay

Trim back any excess overlay with a Stanley Knife and metal ruler.

Care and Cleaning

Once installed, your wall covering may be cleaned using a soft sponge and a lukewarm, mild detergent solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners containing chlorine bleach, solvents or ammonia as they may attack and damage the printed surface